I studied economics and economic informatics at the Belarusian State University for Informatics and Radioelectronics in Minsk/Belarus and Wuppertal University in Germany. I have been tracking the development of international mobile markets, including mobile networks (3G, 4G), mobile Internet, innovative digital services and EU policy measures for the single digital market since 2008.

In the framework of my PhD research „Innovation Dynamics in the Mobile Communications Markets: Current Trends, Empirical Analysis and Policy Options“, I analysed the adoption of 3G mobile technologies in the OECD countries and dealt with the relevant innovation theories, such as the lead market approach and theory of innovation systems.

Moreover, during my almost three-year professional experience at the Fraunhofer Center for Central and Eastern Europe MOEZ I obtained practical experience in international market research and strategy for SMEs. And thanks to her internship at Vodafone in Düsseldorf, department Mobile Consumer Data, I am familiar with internal workings of an international telecom company.

In addition to my interdisciplinary knowledge and experience in economics and economic policy as well as my multicultural and multilingual (fluent English, Russian, German and French) competences, I am very well familiar with the Oracle Database including SQL and programming in PL/SQL (Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate and Oracle Forms Developer Certified Professional).

So why did I start this blog? Why am I not working for an important research institute or an international company?

I am here now largely due to a simple and stupid “mistake” – I was naive enough to believe that I could have both a meaningful career AND a family with children (you can read more about this in my posts). But today, after many attempts to find a warm and secure place in a big company I finally realised that I, like so many people, am in the middle of the worldwide trend – the end of economic growth, decreasing number of jobs due to increasing informatisation and automatisation of production and other processes, growing inequality and outdated system of wealth distribution, difficulties among local small and medium businesses due to globalisation and unfair trade etc. I suspect strongly that at a time like this, and especially in Western Germany, a woman with children in most cases cannot outcompete a man in the job market. But in fact, if I forget my poor husband who is fighting to provide for the family for a second, I am actually glad that I had an opportunity for some critical thinking in the past 2.5 years and that I did not become just another small bolt in the system. I have other interests and skills besides my academic achievements (guitar, knitting, astronomy, upcycling), and I have been recently shifting my intellectual area of interest towards sustainable alternatives to the current economic system, such as Degrowth, Economy for the Common Good, Transition Towns, Local Currencies, Urban Gardening etc.

So this blog will be about making our everyday more sustainable, about living a fuller life that is not only limited to earning money 40 (and more) hours a week and shopping as a hobby on week-ends. I hope to be able to share my experience and at the same time to make a small contribution to making this world a better place for all living beings.


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