Modern Viking Elegance with Rowan


Let me introduce you my new most favourite winter sweater – it is so unique and gorgeous I want to wear it every day! As you must have guessed from my previous posts, I am a big fan of Celtic knits. But this time I decided to try something slightly different – a Viking cable pattern created by Elsebeth Lavold from her great book “Viking Knits & Ancient Ornaments”. It was my Christmas present last year and my first acquaintance with Viking cables. I immediately fell in love with all the patterns, so it was very difficult to choose the first one to try. My choice fell on the gorgeous Oddrun sweater.


The cable pattern itself is very elegant and sophisticated, but not as difficult to knit as one might think at first sight, especially if you are familiar with cables. All in all it was a great pleasure to make and is even a greater pleasure to admire once it is ready!

I did not use the yarn Elsebeth Lavold advised in her book, but instead a pack of lovely Rowan British Sheep Breeds DK Undyed yarn (in shade Brown Bluefaced Leicester) I bought on eBay some time ago. I enjoyed working with this natural luxurious yarn as it suits perfectly for this type of project.


As for the jeans, it is my favourite pair of organic Monkee Cru by Monkee Genes again!



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