Happy Retro with Rowan and Bonnie & Buttermilk


This style is a very unusual one! I first fell in love with the colourful retro-60ies skirt “KAROLOVE” developed and produced in Berlin by a young designer duo Bonnie & Buttermilk. They create their own original patterns and motifs inspired by the retro fashion, and develop relaxed styles that make you feel good even on gray autumn days. You can order their clothes on DaWanda – an online marketplace for unique and handmade articles – and they will be made for you within approximately 4 weeks. Here are some more of their unique pieces.

Retro-60ies shorts "SWEENY ROSA"

Retro-60ies shorts “SWEENY ROSA”, Bonnie & Buttermilk, Handmade in Berlin

RETRO-60IES ROCK "MY GIRL", Bonnie & Buttermilk

Retro-60ies skirt “MY GIRL”, Bonnie & Buttermilk, Handmade in Berlin

Sweater "MY STRAWBERRY", Bonnie & Buttermilk, Handmade in Berlin

Sweater “MY STRAWBERRY”, Bonnie & Buttermilk, Handmade in Berlin

One can wear the cool skirt by Bonnie & Buttermilk both in winter and in summer, but for a summer version I lacked a simple top to go with it. So once again, after a very successful eBay auction where a bought some luxury Rowan yarn for only a third of its original price, I decided to knit a top myself. The yarn I stopped on was a Rowan Truesilk made of 100% mulberry silk – soft and glossy. The pattern comes from the Rowan Truesilk Collection featuring 15 stunning designs inspired by a 50’s theme.

Rowan Topaz, Truesilk Collection

Rowan Topaz, Truesilk Collection

The top itself was very easy to knit, and due to its simplicity it fits perfectly with the sophisticated and colourful designs by Bonnie & Buttermilk!


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