Green & Fresh with Rowan and H&M Conscious Collection


Back to the belly button style of the 90s with this beautiful and refreshing Rowan top and pants from the H&M Conscious Collection 2013.

As usually, I have knitted the top myself – mainly on the bus while bringing my son to and from his nanny’s last summer (our family does not have a car and we use only public transportation to commute in Düsseldorf). It is a gorgeous Rhea design from the Rowan All seasons chunky collection developed for the yarn All seasons chunky (60% Cotton 40% Acrylic, 7.00mm needles). It is knitted very fast and I love the result! Besides, it is much easier to knit than a beginning knitter might think.

The pants come from the H&M Conscious Collection 2013 and are claimed to by produced in a sustainable manner as they consist of 100% recycled polyester.


Actually, I do not remember having bought anything in a H&M store for myself after these pants (I confess I sinned a couple of times when I bought a few pieces for my children though) because I hate fast cheap fashion and lack of quality which is a case in almost 100% of H&M garments. I am also aware of the fact that H&M Conscious Collection is quite controversial and some claim it is a mere greenwashing. Indeed, you can’t save the world with a small sustainable collection every year as long as you keep producing tons of cheap throw-away clothes and paying miserable wages, but you can dress up your image a bit. However, I found these particular pants very nice and as I take them out of my wardrobe regularly even after two years (!!!) I think it is a good compromise between style and sustainability.


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