Friday Pattern Collection: Game of Thrones

The Knitter Nerd

Winter is coming.

Fortunately we’re knitters/crocheters and that’s pretty much the best news ever.

Dragon’s Egg

DSC_2297_medium2Find pattern here [Ravelry].

I have a confession to make: crocodile stitch really skeeves me out. I don’t know why, it’s a textural thing. I dislike the look of it. That said, making a dragon’s egg and pretending to be Danaerys appeals more than I would ever admit. This is a paid pattern.

Direwolf Mittens

DSCF3940_mediumFind the pattern here [Ravelry].

One of my favourite parts of the books/show is the direwolves. They’re awesome. I am the type of person who had imaginary pets as a kid, which… I already had a house full of animals, so I’m not sure why. Anyway, I wanted a giant wolf for a while. Now I want these mittens.

Game Of Thrones Throw

got2_medium2Find the pattern here. Ravelry again!

I haven’t tried illusion knitting yet. I think I might…

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