Flower Power with Hessnatur, Rowan and Monkee Genes

This beautiful style that you can wear both in autumn/winter and on cooler spring/summer days features two organic pieces plus a short handknitted pullover I made myself.

I am a passionate knitter who is always inspired by Rowan designs and yarns. So when last summer I came across a special offer on Rowan’s beautiful Summerspun yarn (50% merino wool and 50% cotton blend) in shade Nottinghill I could not help knitting this fantastic Pistachio sweater (design by Julia Frank, with a round neck and drop shoulder, with ¾ length sleeves and a textured centre panel detail) from Rowan Knitting and Crochet Magazine 53.


However, as I found the sweater somewhat short (I am 177 cm tall) and was not able to wear it alone because of the open centre panel detail, I have been looking for something to combine it with. And hurraaaay! This beautiful blouse found me this spring! It is made of 100% soft organic cotton with a soft watercolour flowerprint.


It comes from another German organic brand Hessnatur that  produces mostly in Europe. Its garments are made from natural organic materials according to strict standards. I find that in the past few years the brand has improved its designs a lot and even a very demanding eco-fashionesta can always find several inspiring pieces in its collections (although many may not be suitable for vegans because Hessnatur also uses toxin-free leather and silk). At the same time, these are beautiful high-quality pieces that are not exactly cheap, and they are meant to help you develop your own style you can enjoy for several years.

Finally, the beautiful and comfortable jean I wear is Monkee Cru – rare vintage denim range from the British brand Monkee GenesMonkee Genes produces beautiful organic jeans and colourful pants according to the principle “NO BLOOD. NO SWEAT. NO TEARS” and while this Monkee Cru range is almost sold out, you will always be able to find gorgeous jeans at a good price in their Internet shop. And of course do not forget to wear and combine these quality jeans on various occasions and as long as possible!



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